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Blockchain course

Introduction to Blockchain with Black Physicians of Tomorrow

2020 Oui STEM Academy offers Introduction to blockchain course.


In this introductory course students will examine the high-level structural framework, risk, assessment, and the socio-ethical issues surrounding blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency technologies to provide a better understanding of their underlying foundations, formulate guided questions, and critically analyze this emerging technologies. 

Together, we examine various distributed (shared ledger) cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether/Ethereum. In addition, we discuss the various opportunities and limitations of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

In this course, Founder/CEO, instructor, and consultant Dilesha Stelmach, CBPro helps equip students for the jobs of the future.

This course is perfect for those without a technical background who have an interest in, or are actively thinking about, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.